Tara Telephone Poster Poem 2
From a private collection. Posted with kind permission.
Text: A tale of love
eamon carr
Poster Poem No. 2

The horizon Invited the 
clouds and they,
accepting ,
rushed across the sky.
The river, rippling
with excitement, ran
to its lover - the sea.
The soft snow caught
the feeling and
wrapped the hilltops
in its beauty .
That night there was
no moon  -
It had slipped away
for a quiet weekend
with the sun.
A postcard-size bromide print of  the poster poem currently on exhibit in Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era, at the Tate Liverpool. Eamon Carr and Jim Fitzpatrick, artists.
* Two Bare Feet & The Tara Telephone * Limited Edition 250 * Screenprint Ltd *